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Analysis of Scenes in Mission Impossible III Collin Parrott I had never seen a movie from the Mission Impossible series prior to watching Mission Impossible III. Needless to say I was surprised by what I saw: the use of gadgets, the sometimes cringeworthy acting, and the implication of physics. I will be asking the questions and theorizing whether or not these action sequences are possible.
The first scene I will be analyzing is the scene where Agent Ethan Hunt swings from the Jin Mao tower in Shanghai to the building next to it containing the Rabbit's Foot. Is the distance between the two buildings enough to allow this to be possible? A Google search showed that the Jin Mao Tower is about 1,255 feet (around 383 m). The building regulations in Shanghai state that there must be a minimum of 13 meters between both buildings, so I am going to assume that this is the displacement of the swing. Agent Hunt's distance is much more than 13 meters. His distance depends on how long the…

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