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The Twin Paradox

Twin Paradox in Contact  In the movie Contact, Jodie Foster's character, Dr. Ellie Arroway, is the first to make contact with alien life forces. After many problems, including the government hijacking her research, she is also the first person to travel through space in an alien spaceship. At the end of the movie the twin paradox is portrayed as such; Dr. Arroway claims that her trip lasted 18 hours, but for the people on Earth the trip was a split second- it looked as if she fell straight through the middle of the ship. This portrayal of the twin paradox is backwards, it would have felt like 18 hours for the people on Earth and a split second for Dr. Arroway (since she is experiencing the time dilation).  To revise the script in order to make it right, one could say that the people of Earth waited 18 hours for her to return, and when she did she felt like the trip took a matter of seconds. Although, this would make for a very bland end to the movie. The way I think would be corre…

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