The Day After Tomorrow: Not Just a Terrible Movie

Global Climate Change 
Having just watched The Day After Tomorrow we all have a common topic on our minds: climate change. What is climate change? Is climate change even real? How can we combat global warming and stop it before time runs out? Below I have attached a link to NASA's Global Climate Change website

NASA has been one of the most influential scientific entities for nearly 60 years. Not only did NASA put man on the moon, but they've also been leading researchers in many other fields, such as with global warming. The first picture on the web page is a graph showing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere for the past 400,000 years. Until 1950 the levels had never gone above 300 parts per million, but now the carbon dioxide levels are to nearly 400 parts per million. That single graph should be terrifying enough for every nation in the world to get together to combat global warming, but alas, many people stay ignorant to our impending doom, and NASA anticipated their ignorance. They go on to provide ample evidence; they have videos and articles about rising temperature, extreme weather events, ocean acidification and more. One piece of evidence states that the top 700 meters of water in the ocean have shown warming of 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit. This may not seem like a lot, but since water has the highest specific heat capacity of any common substance and the ocean covers 71% of Earth's surface, this increase is dangerous.

I trust this source because NASA provides evidence and resources for all aspects of global climate change. With such a large body of evidence one would think that fighting global warming would be a no brainer, but there are still millions of skeptics. It is the job of scientific communities like NASA and everyone else who believes climate change to convince all of the non-believers to work with us before it is too late. 


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